Manually or automatically test using real-world signals and networks.


Automated testing with choice of scripting language.


Automated workflow with continuous integration tools.

At a Glance
  • Integration infrastructure for multimedia devices
  • Place shifting development
  • Scripted automated test
  • Complete device control: IR, RF, power, network
  • AV capture, recording, remote rendering
  • Set-top, gateway, companion device & IDTV support
  • Multi-room support

Flexible tools for improved development and test effectiveness.

Built on experience gained developing the world’s most successful digital TV devices, our integration infrastructure provides robust solutions that solve many problems encountered when delivering today’s fast paced and distributed projects.

Bigfoot is part of this infrastructure providing teams access to, and control of, target devices such as gateways, set-tops, companion devices, IDTVs and the like.

Designed by integration and development engineers, the approach is practical and pragmatic. Bigfoot is made from commodity hardware and uses carefully selected open source components within a flexible architecture. This allows the system to be quickly adapted to cover any specific project requirements. Bigfoot is scalable, housing many target devices limited only by the communications bandwidth to the unit.