Hardware Design

Our hardware design skills are drawn from a wealth of experience, gained developing cutting edge designs for some of the largest players in the world.

We work with clients in a number of sectors, including consumer electronics, professional broadcast, diagnostic medical, process control, homeland security, reverse logistics and return channel equipment.

Our services are designed to be flexible and are used by clients throughout the supply chain, including operators, OEM, ODM and component vendors.

We provide a complete end to end service from requirements capture through to finished design, or provide you with access to our specialist skills in the areas as detailed below.

RF Technology

Electronic products increasingly feature multiple high speed wired and wireless technologies which must co-exist in a cost effective design. With a background in the development of digital TV, video telephony and telemedicine products, our RF skills and design for manufacture experience are second to none, with extensive experience in wideband capture DVB-T/-C/-H/-S WiFi, DECT and Bluetooth.

Ideally we will be involved from the outset, taking the design through the complete development cycle all the way to deployed product. Alternatively, if your current design has RF issues that need to be resolved, we can carry out a full assessment of the design for you.

High Speed Digital Design

Today’s ever increasing clock-speeds require a thoroughly meticulous approach to hardware design that relies on years of experience and applying the latest available tools. At Red Embedded we have all the required knowledge and tools to take a design from architecture, through schematic design and onto layout and manufacture. We address all signal integrity issues at every stage of the process in order to ensure that your final design is in the best possible condition for field deployment.

Power Supply & Low Power Design

Whether you are concerned about power consumption, compliance, battery life, temperature regulation, running costs or any other aspect of power supply or consumption, we have all the necessary skills and experience required to ensure that your product meets your specific requirements.

Digital Interfaces

Having carried out multiple successful implementations of common digital interfaces, as well as some proprietary and bespoke examples, our team will ensure that the implementations carried out on any project are fully compliant, robust and ready for connecting to the other thousands of different implementations out there in the field. If you have an existing design which is not performing to specification then we are able to help find the root cause and solution.

Regulatory Compliance

Our team consider all aspects of EMC and safety for CE compliance from the outset of a design and will utilise their wealth of experience, supported by the latest toolsets and equipment, to ensure that your design will be compliant in volume production. We can assist with selection and application of appropriate standards, carry out pre-certification or remedial work and oversee a full certification run if required.

Component and Sub-system Parametric Evaluation & Test

We can carry out any level of evaluation or test for a complete product or any of its sub-systems. Our test lab is equipped with almost all of the equipment required for working on RF and high speed digital electronics, and we are able to gain access to any highly specialised equipment should it be required.