Product Design & Manufacture

We have all the capabilities required to design a complete product ready for manufacture and have delivered designs that have deployed in volumes from a handful of units for specialist equipment, to many millions of units of consumer electronics.

Whatever your target volume or application, we will approach your project with proven innovative thinking. Our experience and understanding of the demanding requirements of manufacture, the need to meet challenging cost targets and the importance of cost of ownership translate directly into savings and performance for our clients.

We have a great depth of experience in electronic product development which can be applied across many different sectors. Our primary services are as follows, but please contact us if there is anything you require that you do not see below:

Mechanical Design

We are able to carry out a full implementation of any plastics and / or metalwork that may be required in order to get your product into volume manufacture and can apply whatever balance necessary between, cost, finish, robustness or any aspect of DFx that applies to your project.

Cost Reduction

We can review your existing design and deliver a proposal for reducing costs by changing discreet components, casings, packaging, manufacturing process or simply a ‘ground up’ redesign of the complete product.

Design Reviews & Architecture Studies

In certain cases it is desirable to conduct a 3rd party review of a design being carried out by your own team or another provider. We have provided this service on many occasions and are able to deliver a thorough and impartial assessment of a complete design or specific areas of concern as required.

Test Equipment

We know that the manufacture of a successful product goes beyond the electronic design, and we work with our clients and manufacturing partners to provide supporting equipment, such as manufacturing test rigs, provisioning and personalisation and QA stages to ensure that yields and product quality is high.

Service Equipment

There is often a requirement for specialist field service equipment for daily use in a service centre or for deployment out in the field. We will provide this as part of our end-to-end product design service, or can work with you to provide service and QA equipment for any 3rd party device.

Product Test & Verification

Our design team has extensive experience of product test and verification for devices ranging from consumer digital TV devices, to specialist medical equipment. We can get involved at any stage of the process and will either enhance your existing test plans, or build you a complete test and verification plan based on your product specification.


Having delivered many varied types of products into the field in both high volume consumer electronics and lower volume specialist equipment, our design team are experts in all aspects of Design for Test / Thermal / Reliability / Safety / Manufacture etc. We can provide you with a thorough analysis of your design project, which will deliver cost of ownership benefits throughout the product lifecycle.

Manufacturing Partner Selection

Many of our clients have existing manufacturing facilities and relationships and we often work closely with these, visiting the factory to ensure that the design can be effectively and efficiently manufactured. Where a client does not have existing provision, we will use our long experience and existing relationships with a number of manufacturing facilities around the world to pick the right facility for the project and client.