Software Design

Software is at the heart of any digital product. The technologies at play are diverse; the landscape can often become very complex, which is where Red Embedded’s wide experience across many projects and clients can help. We have ‘full stack’ expertise that can be deployed to assist our clients.

  • Our software solutions often encompass work across a end-to-end platform. Our skills and experience reflect this encompassing development of components found anywhere in the delivery platform such as xVOD, Download Servers, Content Catalogues and meta data processing, CDNs, Content Protection Servers, Remote diagnostic servers.
User Interface

We have experience of design and development of User Interface in a range of technologies (Qt, HTMLx , Javascript , CSS, SDL, Java, native), targeted at devices including Set Top Box, Mobile Device, Gateway, Server, embedded. We are adept at use-case and story board capture and realisation and have worked with multiple creative design teams.


Middleware development has accounted for the majority of our work over 12 years. Multiple individual resources have in excess of 20 years’ experience in Middleware. We have been instrumental in the development of Middleware that is currently deployed to over 50M users. Red Embedded is trusted by the world’s largest operators to provide Middleware development services often in full lifecycle projects encompassing complete architectural slices (UI, Runtime, Upper & Lower Middleware, Driver / OS) or by providing access to our specific skills and experience in a wide array of technology as needed.

OS & Kernel

We have experience spanning complex embedded OS (Linux, Android) and specialist kernels (RTOS,DSP). We are experts at kernel porting and board bring up and have detailed experience in kernel configuration, patching, hardening, security, library selection, optimisation and tool-chain creation / customisation.


We have performed many driver development projects and have experience with major silicon and SoC vendors such as ST, BCOM, MStar, Entropic, Intel, Marvel and TI. We are familiar with the SDKs and abstractions these vendors provide. Our experience encompasses all areas that are likely to be encountered for example Graphics (directFB, OpenGL), HDD&SATA, RF and Front End (Tuner, Demod, remod, Wideband and stacking LNB control), Transport (routing, filtering, mux and de-mux), Networking stacks (IPV6, WiFi), Bluetooth, AV (HDMI/HDCP), Codec (including transcoding).