Today’s services are delivered by a complex array of cooperating components. Lifting the lid even on one element reveals a plethora of technologies and interfaces.

All too often what is needed to bring these components together into a robust and cohesive service is underestimated. Finding an issue is one thing, finding its root cause amongst the myriad interactions and ever changing dynamics is another.

We offer a rare mix of technical abilities, to quickly isolate and resolve integration issues, combined with communication skills and ready to deploy integration infrastructure that will ensure there’s a free-flowing interaction between you and your technology vendors.

Our integration service is delivered by consultants who have a strong development background that brings both depth and breadth of technical knowledge. Coupled with years of practical industry experience we are able to successfully handle the complexities of your project from definition to launch.

Our offer is flexible to meet your needs and may scale from the provision of a programme manager embedded within your team to a full turn-key end-to-end integration.