Hardware Integration

Hardware is often an overlooked component in integration projects. This is a mistake that can cost a programme dearly. The time needed to rectify a hardware issue is unlikely to be recoverable leading to delays in service launch.

The costs involved can be many times those associated with a software issue even requiring a product recall.

Many purchasers of Hardware do not have the background or facilities needed to assess products in detail. This is where Red Embedded can help.

Advocates for our clients, we speak the language of the hardware manufacturer and have the specialist knowledge needed to drive for quality in your product.

Product Requirements Mapping

Performing an independent review of the operator’s requirements and the manufacturers top level design statement is always instructive. We are amazed how many times we discover significant differences!

Design Review

Our Engineers have extensive high volume design, manufacture and operations experience. Working with the manufacturer as early as possible we will perform a detailed design review covering electronic, mechanical and thermal design material. We will capture design information in our systems and record our review comments and recommendations along with the manufacturer’s responses and design changes.

Test Plan Assessment

Starting early in the project cycle capture the manufacturer’s test plans. These are subject to critical review checking for completeness and rigour with comments and recommendations being captured, and any actions and updates tracked to record improvements as they are made.

Test Verification

We have the ability to perform a full product test but most often our approach is to reduce duplication by verifying the repeatability of key testing in critical areas, such as safety, thermal and front-end performance.