Software Integration

The software needed to deliver a competitive solution becomes more complex every day. Components originate from many diverse sources and must be brought together carefully to deliver a robust and performant solution.

Red Embedded thrives in this type of environment and has many years of experience in identifying and resolving complex integration issues effectively. We have been at the forefront introducing continuous integration and developing the infrastructure tools and process we need to deliver for our clients.

Technical Experience

Our integration engineers and project managers are veterans of many complex integration projects. Our strong development background brings a level of technical understanding that spans the whole software stack allowing us to see the big picture and to deep dive into areas that are causing concern. This unusual breadth and depth gives us the ability to drive issues to root-cause resolution quickly and effectively.

Proven Tool Kit

Using tools familiar to our clients we have experience in source control, dynamic and static analysis tools, build automation, test plan generation and management, automated & manual testing, performance measurement and stress testing. We always work to understand the project’s particular needs selecting the right tools and configuring them with care to do the specific job required. Tools and systems can be hosted on our high availability and secure servers or transferred to clients systems as required.

Project Visibility & Control

Managing collaboration across multiple vendors, time zones and targets isn’t easy. To keep integration on track you need visibility across the project. Our integration solutions include issue management systems, document sharing, shared virtual workspace, live publication of build and test metrics. Of course our integration managers are experienced with schedule and budget control using standard industry tools suited to the specific project methodology.

Trusted 3rd Party

Our sole focus is Professional Services. We are not a competitive threat to any client or partner and have built up relationships with key vendors that allow privileged access to aid rapid resolution of integration issues. When vendor teams need to work together we provide state of the art integration laboratories in Europe or North America on neutral territory.