Good business decisions are made from a basis of fact. Alas, in a world of claim and counter claim where data is provided by those with a vested interest, facts can be hard to come by.

Decision makers need to have facts presented to them in an un-biased straightforward way. Red Embedded’s strategic research services provide exactly this. We help avoid costly mistakes due to lack of research. Your investment in our service will pay dividends throughout your project’s life cycle.

Red Embedded Consulting brings in-depth understanding to inform your key strategic business decisions. Our strategic research services are tailored to your exact requirements.

Product Definition

Choices abound when specifying an embedded solution. For example decisions need to be made in SoC, front-end, networking, storage and display technologies. Our service will help you define your offer that is appropriate to your application and market. Having worked with virtually all the leading players in the market, we have a wealth of experience in this area. Our relationships with operators, silicon vendors and client device manufacturers gives us a unique perspective on the trends in requirements and specifications. This vision, coupled with our analysis, development and integration skills, makes us an ideal choice to assist clients in understanding the practical options to realise the feature set required for their business.

Technology Assessment

The choices don’t stop at definition. Often there are competing solutions with pros and cons. We are able to independently assess the different options. Our technologists have the ability to engage with vendors technology specialists to probe and challenge their product claims. Our hands on, practical background mean that we can assess solutions directly in our laboratory to verify the claimed performance prior to selection. Examples of our assessments include power-line networking, wide-band front end, signal stacking, Bluetooth / le and more extensive SoC performance benchmarking.

Supplier Selection

Our experience is used to help our clients find the best fit partners to supply them. We evaluate suppliers to ensure that they have the capability and capacity to produce the equipment or provide the service that meets your needs and are cost competitive. Working turn-key, or by augmenting your in-house or 3rd party skills, we can assist in a range of activities including writing selection documentation such as RFI, RFP and RFQ. We have proven experience in assessing supplier responses and performing audit activity to validate responses and claims. With our technical background, we know the questions to ask and can quickly recognise suppliers’ strengths and weaknesses.

Project Scoping & Initiation

The initial phase of any project is the most critical and often the most difficult. To gain executive buy-in, a solid assessment of the costs and duration of the project is required. Red Embedded Consulting has the expertise to tackle this daunting task. We work with customers to rapidly outline a project bringing together silicon availability, past metrics for device development and knowledge of typical qualification cycles. Red Embedded staff have extensive, relevant project management experience and are practised in current project management techniques. We have proven tools and procedures that can be brought to bear quickly to develop a realistic project plan for our customer.

Competitive Assessment

When introducing a new product or service it pays to understand what others are doing in similar spaces. You may wish to benchmark your own feature sets and cost points to ensure that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitive offerings. We can provide you with specific, up-to-date information gathered from our wide vision of the market supplemented by specific research and investigation. Our breadth of skills means we can help. Whether you require a high level market review or detailed product performance and BOM estimation, we provide one-off short investigations or work over a longer period to provide regular updates.